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The Graduate Hotel Artist Residency Headshot and Portfolio

Hello I'm Aaron Hillebrand
This piece titled "Dirtbags and Champagne" was installed in the Aquarium Gallery at
the Ann Arbor Art Center. It is made of hundreds of sheets of paper covered in a
frigate pattern attached to the floor ceiling and walls with crumbled and cut paper
and paper airplanes dispersed through out the widow display gallery. Below is a
detail shot of the installation.
This Piece is titled "Rainbow Madness". It is a collage of paintings
roughly 18ft x 10ft and is based on the teachings of Johannes Booski
who believed that too much color would cause madness and eventually
lead to death.
This piece is titled "Blue". It is 7ft x 12ft and is installed hanging between two trees.
This piece is titled "Magenta and Yellow Palm". It is a mixed media photographic
painting. It is a 5ft x4ft unstretched canvas the hangs with a French cleat 1.5"
off the wall
This acrylic on canvas painting is titled "Probably Someplace". It is 7ft x 9.5ft and
hangs with a french cleat 1.5" off the wall
This 52"x38" acrylic on stretched canvas is titled "Purple Umbrella"
This digital artwork is titled "Maize and Blue Tiger Lightning Plant" printed on
stretched canvas and is 24"x36"
This photograph is titled "6 eyed space tiger". it is printed on
stretched canvas and is 36"x24". The photo is of a 6 eyed space
tiger that was cut out with scissors and placed on a pile of 
frigate paper.



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